Arsenal ‘in the lead’ to sign player – Agent ‘will arrive in Europe in next few hours’ for meeting

Once said to be in the final stages, the transfer taking Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City to Arsenal has somewhat stalled.

Whether the international break or Erling Haaland’s transfer has anything to do with that remains to be seen, but the time that has passed has allowed other clubs to reappear, like Juventus.

Two reports on the matter have appeared on Tuesday, both including the Serie A side and their desire to sign the Brazilian right from under Arsenal’s nose.

Rai Sport, relayed by, claim the forward’s name ‘makes a strong comeback from Juventus’ perspective’, because ‘there have been new contacts in the last few days, on more than one occasion’, with the player’s entourage.

They add ‘there is interest from Arsenal’, with Milan also coming forward to ask about the Manchester City man.

However, the belief is that Juventus ‘can spring forward’ because ‘the player’s salary is in line with Juventus’ parameters’.

Add to that his versatility, and he’s the kind of footballer Max Allegri would love to have in his squad, making him ‘a very important weapon’ for the Italians.

However, we did say there were two reports, with the second coming from’s journalist Marco Giordano, who reports Gabriel Jesus’ agent, Marcello Pettinati, ‘will arrive in Europe in the next few hours’, with an ‘obligatory stop in London’.

It’s made clear Arsenal ‘remain in the lead’, because they have the financial advantage, as the Manchester City player wants €10m/year.

While ‘there is no agreement with the Gunners yet’, the London club ‘can get closer’.

However, it’s also pointed out there is a ‘concrete possibility’ that Pettinati meets with Juventus, even there is nothing on the agenda just yet.

He is aware of the interest from the Serie A side, seen as an ‘intriguing project’, but the Serie A side don’t want to go above €8m/year, seen as their new cap, which is what Paul Pogba would be receiving if he signed.

This directly contradicts Rai Sport, but it does make more sense.That being said, if Juventus decide to extend that cap even more, then they might stand a chance.




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